GARDIAN Staking is Coming Home!

Hello GARDIANs! We’re excited to announce that after partnering with Yieldly, Cometa, and AlgoStake that you will finally be able to stake your GARDIAN natively on the GARD dApp this Wednesday, January 11th! It’s been an amazing journey to partner with fellow DeFi protocols in the Algorand DeFi ecosystem, however, now we are ready to allow users to stake their GARDIAN alongside any GARD they own on

We understand that there are many Algorand Staking options, however, we have built the best staking contracts available on Algorand. What makes our contracts unique is that not only are they secure and easy to use, but they also continuously compound rewards every single block (that's almost every second!). This means no more pesky compounding your position, forgetting to claim, or unnecessary transactions that may bog you down! Further, our increasingly big community is finally big enough to start attracting new users organically. We are so thankful to our GARDIANs.

Thanks to our innovative tech and growing community, we believe that now is the time to begin onboarding new projects to the GARD platform that wish to distribute their tokens via staking. The GARD community is truly incredible and we believe that the entire Algorand staking community will appreciate our innovations to staking on Algorand. The path forward in any market is for projects to work together. Collaborating via staking partnerships is a great way to strengthen the Algorand community and bring in new users to great projects.

If you’d like to chat with the GARD team about listing your project on the GARD platform and distributing your tokens between both our communities please inquire to Onboarding new projects will take us some time and work when communicating these initiatives to the community as well as when deploying new contracts, however, we should be able to launch new projects expediently.

To learn more about other exciting ways to earn rewards and get the most out of your ASAs please visit our incentives page linked here. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to ask us directly in Telegram, Twitter, or Discord.


This is not to be interpreted as financial advice of any kind and we strongly encourage folks to do their own research. More information on GARD Protocol's disclaimer can be found here.