Targeted DeFi Rewards Update:

On Wednesday May 3rd the GARD Protocol team finally received its Measure 2 allocation. Since then we have been working tirelessly to find the best ways to distribute all these rewards given they were expected ~6 weeks earlier. Due to recent changes with the team as well as technical limitations with both our platform and partner platforms we have made some updates to our distribution plans to incentivize the adoption of GARD which can be seen linked here. To follow the rewards we received along in real time, please monitor the following address: VTQXTVQ4ASLQJDAGQWVH2VPJY3H4IZ2BFNYG6WJZ3OGU2QIBJJYLWIINVQ

Our primary focus remains to strengthen the liquidity for our community to swap in and out of GARD from so the majority of our ALGO will be dedicated to those who provide liquidity for GARD. We have already sent 110,000 ALGO to Humble to boost GARD/USDC liquidity and plan to send ~70,000 ALGO to Pact to incentivize ALGO/GARD liquidity. According to our partners, we believe that the Pact rewards may begin to be distributed on May 9th and the Humble farm will begin on May 15th.

For a long time we have been able to incentivize the staking of GARD on our platform due to a staking boost contract. Unfortunately this contract has given us trouble since we ran out of Aeneas rewards in the beginning of April. To make up for this we plan to do a retroactive airdrop of 30,000 ALGO distributed between users who were staking GARD for the entirety of the period between 4/7/2023 and 5/5/2023. To replace this boost going forward, we have sent 50,000 ALGO to Folks Finance to incentivize a GARD deposit boost to their lending platform. In order to ensure you’re included on the retroactive staking airdrop, please fill out the form attached here. We will need everyone to respond by 5/19 to make sure they’re not excluded from the snapshot we take.