The GARD Protocol is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Blockchain Italia. There was a thorough search for replacing our founding development team which was laid off and it concluded with the hiring of an Algorand veteran. Blockchain Italia’s work in Algorand can be appreciated by any who are familiar with Algorand and so the protocol is proud to have them ensure GARD continues running well into the future. Since entering this partnership a month ago, GARD has been pleased with their work and continued commitment to making the GARD Protocol as best it can be for all Algorand DeFi participants. This partnership will ensure users can mint GARD and leverage the platform for another year.

Blockchain Italia is a Milan-based software house focused on fintech and blockchain solutions. They have also worked alongside other prominent protocols in the Algorand ecosystem like Folks Finance. For more information on Blockchain Italia you can visit their website here.