GARD Protocol’s Blog Post Competition

To increase awareness about the GARD Protocol, the GARD team is running a competition for both current and prospective users to write educational content. We will be giving out up to 10,000 ALGOs, including large ALGO prizes to the posts that the GARD team selects as winners. The top three submissions plus an unspecified number of honorable mentions will win prizes. First place will receive 1,000 ALGOs, second place will receive 500 ALGOs, and third place will receive 250 ALGOs. Additionally, any runner-ups that are chosen will win 100 ALGOs.The contest will run for about a month and conclude at the end of Algorand Governance period #6 enrollment (1/15/2023). Articles must be self hosted on platforms like Medium, Reddit, a personal blog, etc. See terms of competition below for more details.

Prompt Examples

How does GARD benefit Algorand DeFi?

  • - Can discuss how GARD is the only truly decentralized money on Algorand.

  • - Can talk about DeFi composability on Algorand and how GARD Protocol’s ability to borrow against gALGO further pushes the envelope on this front.

How has GARD revolutionized Algorand governance?

  • - When Algorand governance first kicked off, there were no liquid governance solutions. Further, users had to be very careful not to have fewer ALGOs in their account than they committed to governance for that period or else they’d forfeit rewards. Now users can open custodial smart-contract accounts that allow users to both participate in governance and borrow a stable line of credit that enables users to spend their funds and keep their exposure to positive ALGO price action.

How can GARD’s staking contracts be used to improve Algorand staking for all projects?

  • - Algorand staking has many different solutions, however, none have taken off thus far. The GARD dApp offers continuous compounding staking where users may “set and forget” their positions to compound for as long as they’d like. While we currently only offer staking for GARD, if there is community demand we are happy to partner with other projects to help them distribute their assets.

How will utilizing the GARD Protocol boost the Algorand price?

  • - Think of the year 2030, where will the ALGO price be? If users take advantage of the GARD Protocol now, what could their return look like given these assumptions? GARD enables users to leverage their positions without selling their ALGO. If the price goes up similarly to how ETH did at the beginning of MakerDAO ($150 to $4,000), utilizing GARD could certainly pay off.

Terms of Competition

Content created for purposes of this competition must be posted on the web (self hosted on platforms like Medium, Reddit, personal blog, etc.) and link to BOTH the GARD website as well as the GARD dApp or specific pages of these URLs. Please submit your self hosted blog post by EOD on 1/15/2023 to to for a valid entry. The GARD Protocol team will be assessing submissions based on originality, adherence to the competition terms, quality of writing, and artistic capacities (we strongly encourage including custom graphics and/or GARD Protocol memes on your content). The team running the contest will select winners at its sole discretion. Participants in this competition may be disqualified at any time with or without cause. See our media kit including logos and other graphics here.

Useful Tools

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