Referral Program Details and Payout

The GARD Protocol will reward referrers that onboard new users who participate in Algorand Governance via the GARD Protocol, or who deposit gALGO before 01/15/23 and maintain their balance for the entirety of the governance period. For each 200 ALGO or gALGO that a new referred user holds in a GARD Protocol CDP, both the referred user and referrer will earn 1 GARD. These rewards apply to a maximum of 1,000 ALGO/gALGO per new referred user. Earned GARD will be sent out after the governance period concludes on or about 04/07/23.

What is Algorand Governance?

The Algorand Foundation introduced decentralized governance in Q4, 2021. ALGO holders can participate in the growth and development of the Algorand ecosystem by participating in votes, and in return, they are rewarded for their contribution. In order to be a governor, the current model requires users to commit their ALGO for a 3 month period. During this time, users must maintain their ALGO balance above their committed amount in order to be eligible for rewards. This means users’ ALGO are illiquid and effectively locked.

What is the GARD Protocol?

GARD Protocol has solved the issues introduced via Algorand Governance by introducing a new token, GARD. This token is soft-pegged to 1 USD and remains intrinsically valuable/keeps its peg thanks to ALGOs that are locked when GARD is minted. Users can use their GARD freely in the ecosystem; swapping GARD for more ALGO as collateral to gain leverage, liquidity on DEXs, to purchase NFTs, take advantage of significant APRs from GARD staking, etc.

The unique features of GARD include:

  • - Receive a liquid asset, GARD, without selling your ALGOs or forfeiting your potential governance rewards. GARD may then be used freely in the ecosystem. DeFi strategies can achieve significant additional returns.

  • - Extra DeFi rewards so you will receive a higher APR than if you were to participate in regular governance.

  • - Borrow against ALGOs (committed) to governance or ALGO derivatives like gALGO.

  • - Audited and running safely for 3+ quarters

  • - Compatibility with Ledger and Fireblocks.

How to Become a Referrer

If you are interested in receiving a referral link, please reach out to the GARD Protocol team through Discord, Telegram, or by writing to Referral links will be issued at the protocol’s discretion and linked to a user’s unique Algorand Address. Brand assets link.

Terms and Conditions

If we notice irregular behavior and attempts to abuse the system, you will be banned and unable to participate in the current and all future referral programs. The GARD Protocol team will review reward payouts from time to time and will determine if, when, and to what extent referral rewards will be paid out at its sole discretion.