100,000 ALGO Boost for Gov Period #5!

GARD Protocol is excited to announce its continued partnership with the Algorand Foundation. The GARD Protocol has received a significant Aeneas grant from the foundation which will be used to boost protocol adoption. As we ramp up to deploy these rewards, we would first like to promise that those who use the GARD Protocol through our web application will receive 2X their usual governance rewards for the first 1000 ALGOs they commit through our protocol. In order to be eligible a user must open a collateralized debt position on the “borrow” tab, and then borrow 5 GARD for every 100 ALGOs they commit to governance through the protocol. Make sure not to forget to commit your CDP to governance! To earn extra rewards, make sure you take advantage of our 5k GARD staking boost as well by staking your GARD on the Stake tab. Our goal is to bring more active users into both DeFi and Governance while also teaching them to use our new web application.

These rewards will stack on top of the GARDIAN Incentive Program as well. The GARDIAN token will afford early users and participants ownership of the GARD Protocol. The GARD team is committed to decentralization and rewarding its earliest adopters.

GARD is a decentralized lending protocol and stablecoin built to unlock the liquidity within Algorand Governance and the greater Algorand ecosystem. Users will be able to mint GARD, using their Governance commitment as collateral, creating liquid staking options for the 50,000 Governors that are currently staking 2.8 Billion ALGO. The protocol will be announcing more ways soon that it will be incentivizing its adoption with granted funds soon. This incentive program will be in addition to the incentives we have already deployed for staking.

Questions? Reach out to us on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord as we will be providing a white-glove service to help onboard budding Algorand Governors. #WAGMI

Disclaimer: GARD Protocol team reserves the final decision regarding the interpretation of the contest rules, eliminating participants at their discretion, and the final judgment of all entries.

  • Limit 1 CDP per Algorand Address
  • Limit 30 additional ALGOs/governor (on top of what foundation pays out)
  • Limit 100,000 total ALGOs for the program, users must successfully participate in Algorand Governance Period #5 through our web application (i.e. no liquidations and must vote) to receive the rewards at the end of the period
  • Users must participate through the web application
  • Users must mint 5 GARD/100 ALGOs committed
  • First come first serve basis for rewards

Want more rewards? Take a look at our already existing incentives program here.