Algorand Governance Period #8

Greetings GARDIANS! So much has happened since we first started offering our liquid governance solution to the Algorand community. Without further ado, we warmly welcome your participation in Algorand Governance Period #8 via the GARD Protocol once again. We encourage all Algorand Governors to take advantage of multiple methods of participating in Algorand Governance to reduce risk and to support the Algorand DeFi ecosystem. By taking advantage of DeFi governance, you’re also entitled to boosted rewards.

This period, there is a lot to look forward to and ways to earn by getting the full utility of your ALGOs in Algorand Governance while participating in the greater DeFi ecosystem on Algorand. While we are still finalizing the exact amount and distribution approved by the community in Algorand Governance Period #7, we’ve outlined broad strokes on our incentives page here. Although numbers are subject to change we are intending on a roughly 45% - 55% distribution to the GARD/USDC pool on Folks Finance, a 25% distribution to the ALGO/GARD pool on Pact, and a 20% - 30% distribution to GARD/USDC on Humble. We are also in the process of finalizing numbers with our partner projects for this period to have them match our distributions to further incentivize liquidity on these platforms and to increase rewards for all GARDIANS who take advantage of everything the Algorand DeFi ecosystem has to offer.

For questions on how to leverage the GARD Protocol for this period of Algorand Governance, please review our documentation here. Furthermore, our community has been very active these days and would warmly welcome you to drop a line in our Discord, Telegram, Reddit, or Twitter to get started or learn more about how to take advantage of DeFi governance in a way that’s right for you.

Finally, we want to reiterate that we have been working diligently on launching a new loyalty token ASA as well as creating the best plan for how to distribute it to holders of the original token. While it has taken some time to do so, we would like to remind our users that the new token will have half as much supply, however, be redeemable 1:1 with the old token so users will effectively be doubling their holdings once the swap takes place. Thanks again for your patience and support during this time.


This is not to be interpreted as financial advice of any kind and we strongly encourage folks to do their own research. More information on GARD Protocol's disclaimer can be found here.