15M ALGO Boost for DeFi Governors

Hello GARDIANS! Happy New Year from the GARD team. The end of one quarter and beginning of another means that a new Algorand Governance period is already upon us. Whether you’re a new or returning user, there are many ways to take advantage of the GARD Protocol to earn extra rewards during Algorand Governance Period #6. In order to get the most out of both governance and DeFi rewards this period, here's a list of ways to maximize your rewards by participating via the GARD Protocol:

  • 1) Participate in Algorand Governance via the GARD Protocol. Thanks to the passage of Measure #1 during Algorand Governance Period #5, DeFi governance rewards have been augmented to 15M ALGOs. This means that out of 68.2 million ALGOs that are up for grabs during this period, more than 20% of them may only be earned if you’re participating in governance via a DeFi Protocol like GARD.

  • 2) Mint GARD and stake it natively on the GARD WebApp. Thanks to a grant that the GARD Protocol received from the Algorand Foundation, we are able to boost GARD staking rewards paid out to the protocol’s users. Each week we will pay users an additional 1,000 - 1,500 GARD just for staking it on the WebApp. To learn more click here.

  • 3) Earn GARDIAN by taking actions that benefit the GARD Protocol. You may earn GARDIAN by depositing ALGOs into CDPs, minting GARD from your deposited ALGOs, or by staking GARDIAN natively on the GARD WebApp beginning in late January. Over time, we hope that more Algorand Staking will be occurring on the GARD WebApp. To learn more about GARDIAN incentives please click here.

  • 4) Refer a friend. During Algorand Governance Period #6 the GARD Protocol is proud to be launching its referral program. Over time, we intend on the program becoming more robust, however, for now users may invite others to participate in Algorand Governance Period #6 via the GARD Protocol and earn up to 5 GARD for each user that they refer. To learn more about the referral program please click here.

  • 5) Write a blog post. In order to offer the GARD team feedback or to help onboard new users to the GARD Protocol you may write a blog post on the platform of your choice. To learn more about this contest’s details please visit this link.

Terms and Conditions:

If we notice irregular behavior and attempts to abuse the system, you will be banned and unable to participate in the current and all future incentive programs. The GARD Protocol team will review reward payouts from time to time and will determine if, when, and to what extent referral rewards will be paid out at its sole discretion.