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About the Waitlist Airdrop

Sign up for our waitlist to be one of the first to try our Testnet and get a share of 300,000 GARDIAN, our upcoming incentive token. Bring in the most referrals and win 30,000 GARDIAN! Verify email and wait for launch. For more details on the competition please review our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Summary of Initial Rewards

  • 1st place receives 30,000 GARDIAN tokens
  • Second place receives 12,000 GARDIAN tokens
  • Third place receives 6,000 GARDIAN tokens
  • Places 4-10 each receive 3,000 GARDIAN tokens
  • Places 11-20 each receive 1,500 GARDIAN tokens
  • Places 21-100 each receive 750 GARDIAN tokens
  • Places 101-500 each receive 120 GARDIAN tokens
  • All additional beta testers will receive 30 GARDIAN tokens

About the Program

The GARDIAN incentive program is a program designed to reward GARD Protocol participants for participating in the protocol from day one. We are introducing the GARDIAN token as a voucher ASA that will be later redeemable for the GAIN token on April 15, 2025. There will be a total of 1,000,000,000 GARDIAN tokens minted that will be equivalent and later convertible to 5% of the total GAIN token supply (100,000,000 tokens). These tokens will be distributed by our protocol and other ecosystem partners to promote the growth of the GARD Protocol and broader Algorand community while making a commitment to decentralizing our protocol from day one. If more GARDIAN are minted in the future to fulfill the same purpose, they will be redeemable for GAIN at the same ratio. Also, if our protocol decides to discontinue the incentive program all remaining undistributed tokens will be burned. The tokens that have already been distributed will be honored and still valid for future redemptions.

More to be announced soon...